Anti Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Week

“One kind word leads to another. Kindness fuels kindness. So from the playground to Parliament, and from our phones to our homes, together, our actions can fire a chain reaction that powers positivity. It starts with one kind word. It starts this Anti-Bullying Week.”

ABA are official organisers of Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day. Anti-Bullying Week 2021 will be taking place from Monday 15th – Friday 19th November and the theme is One Kind Word.

You can find all you need to take part below!


Borough of Ealing Art Trail

Borough of Ealing Art Trail


BEAT offers a window into the world of local artists and encourages their passion for creating and will provide an exciting opportunity to broaden the artistic experience, not only for the general public and local community but also for those taking part. 


An art trail is an event where local artists open their homes, studios or other local venues to exhibit and sell their work. BEAT happens over the course of two weekends every year, during which a map is provided for the general public to find where they can visit around the Borough to see the exhibitions.


11 – 12th & 18 – 19th September 2021

We are hoping that many of you enjoy the Ealing Art Trail this weekend and next.  We look forward to seeing work by Rossana Henderson and many other local artists.


The 2021 BEAT brochure can be viewed at this link.


We are delighted that a huge variety of artists have joined us each year to showcase their work. In future, we hope to showcase even more. On this website, you’ll find profiles and examples of the work of all our artists. 

Healthy Streets Everyday

Healthy Streets Everyday




To celebrate Car Free Day the design competition theme is ‘Creating Clean Air for our Future’!

What do you think a future with clean air looks like?

  • Maybe you think of less-nusy streets or safer cycling paths to school.
  • Maybe you can picture a peaceful tree-lined road for you and your friends to walk to school along

Design a mural for this year’s Car Free Day and it might be made into a mural for your school! Idea’s for your design can include:

  • Walking, cycling and scooting to school
  • Streets without cars
  • Tree planting and nature
  • Using renewable energy sources
  • How clean air helps your health and wellbeing

You can work as an individual, as a team or with your entire class or year group on your design – but you can only submit 1 per person.

Your teachers will take care of submitting the designs – you just need to get creative


Year 6 News Report

Year 6 News Report

Shakespeare ROCKS!

At North Ealing Primary School, the Year 6 production has finally come around the corner, making everyone nervous yet extremely excited. At the Looking Glass, North Ealing’s newspaper, we have decided to interview some of the characters of our show, Shakespeare Rocks!

We will start off with Isla S, who is playing the part of William Shakespeare’s wife.

It will be a bit difficult, and since there is lovey-dovey stuff on page 46, that won’t be helping the situation. Anne, however, is an amazing character and I am happy to play her, she told us.

As we moved on, we found the actor for William Shakespeare, Freddie. He (rather reluctantly) told us,

I’m glad I got the part, but since I have 48 lines, it’s not going to be particularly easy.

He then returned to the football match, and we didn’t hear anything else from him.

After that, we went to interview Zak, who is playing the part of an actor who is playing Macbeth in the play. The other people playing actors think his real life name is also Macbeth, but it ends up being MacDonald.

Mac is a nice character, and I’m happy I ended up with him, Zak commented.

This scene is full of humour and is bound to make everyone laugh.

The play is about Shakespeare’s life and includes people that appeared in his life, going from his children to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. There are a number of songs in the play, making it a musical as well.

The last actor we interviewed was Lana, who plays Nic, the assistant of Burbage.

I’m quite happy. Nic is bossy and noisy. Reminds me a bit of myself really,” she told us.

Our article doesn’t end here though. We managed to get the opinions of the directors. Up first is Miss Lauren Pitt. She told us,

It’s very humorous and has a good link to the arts. It is amusing, witty, historical and memorable. My favourite character has to be Street, mainly because of the cockney accent.

Next up is Mr Lewis Fisher,

The play is full of charisma and humour throughout and is an experience that one wouldn’t want to miss. Burbage is my favourite character since he is relatable and funny.

Our last but not least interviewee is Mrs Sarah Symes, who teaches class 6S.

I really like the fact that it’s Shakespeare and that the characters were all part of his life;” she revealed, “It’s very entertaining and fun for all ages.

It was great to hear everyone’s opinions on the play, and we hope to do so again soon. Stay safe and remember to come back soon for our Eurovision special!

Your reporters were Eleanor and Sara, 6S

Self-portrait in masks

Self-portrait in masks

Self-portrait in masks

This is a ‘Whole School Project’

Pupils across the school created self-portraits of themselves wearing a mask to express how they felt in this unprecedented time.

They were asked:

How did you feel behind the mask?

What do our eyes tell us about how we feel?

This is how we feel behind our masks

Hopeful, safe, funny

Secure, hidden, sad

Trapped, disappointed, hot!

Secretive, protected, happy

Frustrated, breathless, uncomfortable

Mysterious, anonymous, free!

Behind the mask there are forgotten friendships, smiling silent smiles.

Eleanor, Year 6

Behind my mask
Behind my mask, I’m happy
Behind my mask, I’m free
Behind my mask, I’m amazing
Behind my mask, I’m Me
Behind my mask, I feel like a child
Behind my mask, I have a beautiful smile!

David, Year 5
Links for Reading at Home

Links for Reading at Home

Kid’s Fun Learning

Lots of videos of some great books being read aloud.
YouTube Link

Free eBooks

Some fantastic e-books
Website Link
Storytime sorted by ages
Website Link


Authorfy have some great 10 minute challenges from authors and there is even more book fun on their website. You can sign up for a free account.
Website Link

Konnie Huq’s Youtube Channel

Lots of videos about interesting topics. There are also some great interviews with authors.
YouTube Link


Here are some links to help you and make your own comics.
Website Link 1
Website Link 2


Lots of links where you can read, watch, hear and explore children’s poems.
Website Link 1
Website Link 2
Website Link 3
Website Link 4

The Reading Realm

Learning from home resources, ideas and more. There is also an app you can get with lots of things to read and activities.
Website Link

Cressida Cowell

On her YouTube channel, children’s author Cressida Cowell reads extracts from her books like How To Train Your Dragon and shares other magical ideas.
YouTube Link

Michael Rosen YouTube Channel

Over 400 videos of Michael Rosen reading his children’s stories and poems.
YouTube Link

Love Reading 4 Kids

Books, videos and competitions
Website Link

Book Trust Home Time

Lots more book fun, quizzes and videos here.
Website Link

Audible Free audio books

Lots of free audio books for children to explore.
Website Link

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