Home School Agreement

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Home School Agreement (Updated 23.11.23)

A successful partnership between home and school helps children enjoy and achieve. Please read the agreement carefully with your child.

ALL Together we will promote high standards of teaching and learning and behaviours. All areas of school life will be underpinned by our learning values and we will actively encourage our positive behaviours for learning.

Pupils – To help me do well at school I will:

1. attend school regularly and be on time
2. work hard, ask questions and listen carefully
3. keep the school and class learning values and rules, be polite, thoughtful and helpful
4. allow enough time to do my homework properly and hand it in on time
5. read at home on a regular basis
6. talk to an adult at school if I am unhappy about anything
7. help everyone enjoy their time at school by being respectful and responsible at all times
8. be a good digital citizen and use technology responsibly

Parents – To help my child at school, I will do my best to:

1. treat all members of the school community with care and respect
2. make sure my child attends regularly and is on time with everything they need
3. encourage my child to work hard
4. read all the information sent home from school
5. ensure that my child’s homework is completed and returned on time
6. ensure that we return library books on time or pay a £5 fine to replace the book
7. support the school’s policies and expectations as set out in the behaviour for learning policy
8. ensure that my child wears the correct uniform to school every day
9. ensure that the school is notified of any changes to emergency contact details
10. get in touch with the school if there are any problems at home
11. regularly attend parents’ evenings and discussions about my child’s progress at school
12. collect my child on time after school
13. inform the school of any absence and refrain from taking my child on holiday during term time
14. to ensure our child/children are using technology responsibly
15. communicate with all staff in a respectful and courteous manner

School – The school will do its best to:

1. underpin all areas of school life with the NEPS learning values in order to promote the equality of opportunity in line with the UNCRC embed children’s rights in our ethos and culture
2. expect high standards of behaviour and promote respect for all
3. encourage each child to do their best, develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility
4. offer a broad and balanced curriculum within a safe and stimulating environment meeting the needs of each child
5. provide a range of extracurricular activities designed to enrich the children’s school experience
6. contact you as soon as possible if we are concerned about your child
7. let you know frequently how your child is progressing
8. welcome parents/carers into the life of the school and keep you informed about general school matters
9. communicate with children, families and all staff in a respectful and courteous manner
10. communicate between home and school through notices, newsletters, text, email and the school website
11. respond to communications from parents in a timely manner, following school policies
12. encourage good attendance and address any concerns with parents or carers where necessary
13. ensure e-safety requirements are met at all times and teach the children to be good digital citizens

Thank you for taking the time to read this agreement

The committee with oversight this policy
Policy to be approved by
Headteacher 11/2023
Policy last reviewed by the
Curriculum Committee
Policy / Document due for review
Autumn 2024