Schools Financial Benchmarking

North Ealing Primary School
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Schools Financial Benchmarking

The information contained in the link above is based upon various data sets for North Ealing Primary School, Ealing, London W5 1RP but excludes context and this is provided below.

North Ealing Primary School is a flourishing community school with an Ofsted rated of Good (January 2022). The school is over-subscribed and has a high per-pupil admission application rate for both entry into the main school and the nursery.

The school is well staffed and does not rely on outsourcing its teaching and support roles to short term supply staff, hence the minimal agency staff spending. Both our Early Years and Key Stage 1 Departments are well supported with Early Years Practitioners, Learning Support Assistants and Cover Supervisors in each classroom. Moving up the school our Key Stage 2 Department enjoys additional support from both HLTA’s and Learning Support Assistants.

Teachers PPA time is delivered across the school using a combination of high quality teaching staff, HLTA’s and an external PE provider.

The school prioritises the well-being of its pupils and staff and engages the services of Place2Be to provide a weekly counselling service.

North Ealing Primary offers a variety of activities to its pupils when delivering an extended school day and also provides the community with evening activities managed through letting it’s premises this has contributed to the schools’ self-generated income.
The school ended the financial year without going into deficit although the benchmarking information may suggest otherwise.

Whilst the benchmarking site suggests a level of expenditure that exceeds income during the relevant year, it does not take into account the use of the reserves which the school held at the time. These types of reserves can only be used for singular and time-bound projects, not for regular or permanent salaries. 

North Ealing Primary School ring-fenced monies from its reserves to enhance its website and the introduction of Power Maths into the curriculum. The school also regularly reviews its staff structure and where possible reduce its headcount through natural depletion. The school ended the financial year without going into deficit although the benchmarking information may suggest otherwise.

The school’s accounts are monitored by the local council’s bursarial service and by the council’s Schools Accountancy department. 2019 – 2020 the school also ended the financial year with a balanced budget using some of its reserves.

From January 2021, schools are required to publish the number of salaries that are higher than one hundred thousand pounds, in ten thousand pounds band ranges.

Each band can be represented by A, B, C, D etc. For example:

  • Band A equals £100k – £109,999
  • Band B equals £110k – £119,999
  • Band C equals £120k – £129,999
  • Band D equals £130k – £139,99
  • Band E equals £140k – £149,999 etc.
  • In England, school salaries reach at least Band K equalling £200k – 209,999.

At North Ealing Primary, 1 employee receives a salary in the Band C  range.