School Improvement Plan

NEPS School Improvement Plan 2023-24

“If the teacher makes the weather, the school creates the climate. School improvement is how schools create an ever-better climate for the individual and groups of teachers to do their job in the most favourable circumstances.”

Sir Tim Brighouse

Here at NEPS we continually strive to do better for all our children and families in order for everyone to reach their full potential. Our School Improvement approach is evidence-informed, responsive and proportionate to a school’s improvement needs over time.

This continual improvement cycle is supported by the school’s vision and values and is very much a collaborative approach. Through a process of continuous self-evaluation we identify our key school priorities and how we can best implement a plan to address these including how we can sustain any necessary changes and initiatives.

Underpinning this cycle of evaluation are a number of strategies:

1. Transparent systems of communication allowing all stakeholders to understand and contribute to the effectiveness of the school and the key improvement priorities.

2. The prioritising of high quality CPD and staff development where all staff progress and build their expertise collectively.

3. A strong system of professional growth where we all work together in order to make a difference to the children and families in our community.

4. A systematic review of our coherent curriculum, intervention approaches and assessment procedures to ensure the highest quality teaching and learning environment that meets the needs of all our children.

5. Strong and effective partnerships within the school community and within the cluster of Ealing Schools that NEPS is a member of.

6. Efficient financial management of the school that is linked to the school priorities.

7. A full commitment to equality of opportunity for all parts of our community including the creation of an anti-racist learning environment and the celebration of the rich diversity found at NEPS.

School Improvement Priorities 2023-24

Priority 1: To continue to utilise the whole school vision through the agreed learning values, new behaviour for learning approach, high quality teaching and a rich curriculum.

Priority 2: To strengthen the relationship between the teaching of reading and writing in order to accelerate the progress of all pupils, in particular those underperforming groups of pupils.

Priority 3: To create an oracy rich community where every member has the skills to communicate effectively, believes they have a voice and feels valued and listened to, in order to support their learning across the curriculum and prepare for life in modern Britain.

Priority 4: To improve the attendance of all children with a particular focus on groups with low attendance.

Priority 5: To work with children, staff, parents and the wider community to develop cultural competence and racial literacy to effectively identify and tackle disproportionality and create a truly ant-racist learning environment.