Music Curriculum

All New Music Curriculum 2022-23!

What has changed?

During the past academic year (2021-22), we have worked hard to rebuild our long-standing tradition of music-making at NEPS.

During this time, we have managed to reinstate our Orchestra, KS2 School Choir, and Chamber Choir and, additionally, provided opportunities for our keen KS1 singers to perform. This culminated in our Summer Concert and the PTA School Fair, both of which showcased the enthusiasm and achievement of our pupils.

All this, of course, is in addition to our regular class assemblies, productions and music assemblies.

We have also subscribed to ‘Sing Up’ – which gives easy access to songs for classroom teachers who wish to include songs as part of these productions.

In order to provide a comprehensive curriculum throughout the school from Nursery to Year 6, we are excited to be using the ‘New Sing Up’ curriculum from September 2022.


We believe that this change will address the following issues:

  • the need to meet the needs and wishes of ALL of our school community regarding diversity and equality;
  • the need to provide musical/cultural experiences that will engage our pupils and enable them to ‘see/hear’ beyond their particular/valued heritages;
  • not all year groups have access to ‘specialist’ teachers but this new option is accessible to all practitioners and will provide continuity, development and progression throughout the school;
  • the need to build confidence in both staff and pupils through making available high-quality presentations that include clips, demonstrations, links to songs and other resources;
  • it will enable our ‘specialist’ musicians to work together with the staff in order to fulfil our school’s Music Mission Statement – Every Child (and teacher!) is a Musician’.


Each unit of work is based around a ‘topic’ and can be of either 3 or 6-week duration.

New units are being developed and we will be tailoring the units to work in class as part of our commitment to immersive education. Work in progress!

Each unit provides opportunities for the pupils to engage in the following:

  • to Sing and Play – using voices and instruments in different styles developing their sense of pitch and rhythm.
  • to Improvise and Compose – to explore rhythmic/pitch notation and sounds in order to work collaboratively on projects.
  • to Listen and Appraise – to understand the difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’ and comment on their experiences.

Each unit will also feature ‘key songs’ that will enhance the wider curriculum and be linked to a major topic of each year group.

Many units also include elements of movement, dance and art and links to books.

The UKULELE is introduced to Years 3 and 4 during the year and followed up in Year 5.

Home Learning Opportunities

Music Sites:

  • All these are FREE and safe to explore with no links.
  • If your child shows an interest in music, they will probably enjoy exploring some of these sites.
  • We use many in our class teaching but the chance to explore further and deeper at home is obviously an advantage.
  • Suggest you start with Chrome Music Lab – it’s addictive!

Curriculum Overview

  • YRs 3, 4, 5 & 6 OVERVIEW – CLICK HERE

Chrome Music Lab

  • Wonderful site to explore pitch and rhythm – suitable for all ages to be creative!

Classics For Kids

  • Great for learning ‘about’ music – composers / instruments as well as how to read music using interactive games.

BBC KS1 Music

  • BBC KS1 Music – songs / stories and games – designed for teachers but so much to share at home!

BBC KS2 Music

  • BBC KS2 Music – songs / stories / interviews – designed for teachers but…

Bring The Noise

  • BBC KS1 Music with SO Much to share at home!

Music Play Online

  • More for pupils to explore instruments, pitch, speed, dynamic, instruments.

Inside the orchestra

  • Wonderful resources to teach about the sounds of the orchestra, chances to compose and the Music Maps is a great way to learn ‘how’ to listen. More KS2 based.

Music Resource Guide

  • If you are a student who is looking to enrol in a music program or interested in a career as a musician, then this is the music resource guide for you.

Music at NEPS

  • North Ealing encourages all of its pupils to take advantage of the many provided opportunities to explore the music of all styles.

Musical Glossary

  • If you have a love or talent for music, nurture it by learning music terminology and theory.