Music Curriculum

Charanga Scheme at NEPS

At the beginning of the academic year 2024/2025 our school was excited to introduce Charanga’s Model Music Curriculum Scheme into each class music lesson.

The scheme provides clearly sequenced units and lessons following a spiral approach to musical learning, with children revisiting, building and extending their knowledge and skills incrementally.

Throughout the year children will explore the 4 key areas of music: singing and listening, composing, performing and music technology.

Music Curriculum Yearly overview 2024/2025

For the current Music Curriculum – click here

Music programmes of study: Key stages 1 and 2

Model Music Curriculum: Key Stages 1 to 3

Home Learning Opportunities

Music Sites:

  • All these are FREE and safe to explore with no links.
  • If your child shows an interest in music, they will probably enjoy exploring some of these sites.
  • We use many in our class teaching but the chance to explore further and deeper at home is obviously an advantage.
  • Suggest you start with Chrome Music Lab – it’s addictive!

Chrome Music Lab

  • Wonderful site to explore pitch and rhythm – suitable for all ages to be creative!

Classics For Kids

  • Great for learning ‘about’ music – composers / instruments as well as how to read music using interactive games.

BBC KS1 Music

  • BBC KS1 Music – songs / stories and games – designed for teachers but so much to share at home!

BBC KS2 Music

  • BBC KS2 Music – songs / stories / interviews – designed for teachers but…

Bring The Noise

  • BBC KS1 Music with SO Much to share at home!

Music Play Online

  • More for pupils to explore instruments, pitch, speed, dynamic, instruments.

Inside the orchestra

  • Wonderful resources to teach about the sounds of the orchestra, chances to compose and the Music Maps is a great way to learn ‘how’ to listen. More KS2 based.

Music Resource Guide

  • If you are a student who is looking to enrol in a music program or interested in a career as a musician, then this is the music resource guide for you.

Music at NEPS

  • North Ealing encourages all of its pupils to take advantage of the many provided opportunities to explore the music of all styles.

Musical Glossary

  • If you have a love or talent for music, nurture it by learning music terminology and theory.