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Music Curriculum

Our curriculum has been updated following the publication of the DfE ‘’Model Music Curriculum’ KS1-3 (March 2021.

This provides a structure for lessons that are built around the wider curriculum topics/books and themes across the school community.

There are 4 main areas to address:

  • Singing
  • Listening
  • Composing / Improvising
  • Performance / Musicianship

In the early years, EYFS, the curriculum is driven by ‘Development Matters in the EYFS’.

The ‘National Curriculum for music 2014’ is our reference point.

By progressing sequentially and developmentally, our curriculum will provide our pupils with the following:

  • A common vocabulary of the musical elements as a tool-kit to enable accurate description and discussion take place -Pace / Pitch / Rhythm / Texture / Timbre / Dynamic / Structure and Silence
  • A progressive course in traditional notation starting with RHYTHMS in Year 1 and PITCH in Year 3.
  • In their SINGING an understanding of how the voice is used by developing pitch ranges appropriate to the age group, warming up, breathing, expression and responding to changes in Dynamics / Pace.
  • A consistent approach to LISTENING using the vocabulary of the musical elements. Listening examples encompass the music of all styles / genres / periods and involve, in many cases, the use of Music Maps, time to share responses, make links eg to books/films and provide exemplars for pupil work to model.
  • Opportunities for COMPOSING and IMPROVISING music using GRAPHIC NOTATION as well as TRADITIONAL when appropriate. Pupils are taught to explore and appreciate the TIMBRE of various instruments and consider the STRUCTURE and TEXTURE of their work.
  • Opportunities for PERFORMANCE and to demonstrate MUSICIANSHIP (KS1) in a variety of contexts to develop confidence, encourage risk-taking and developing resilience. Pupils are taught HOW to present their work and respond to performance.
  • Our resources are carefully chosen to ensure that ALL pupils can play an instrument regardless of SEND issues eg the use of the ‘Boomwhacker’ colour coding system and instruments of various sizes to accommodate hand size.
  • Our music lessons focus on active music-making as much as possible using as wide a range of resources as possible (inc. technology). They are planned to be enjoyable and engaging as well as informative and inspiring.

Home Learning Opportunities

Music Sites:

  • All these are FREE and safe to explore with no links.
  • If your child shows an interest in music, they will probably enjoy exploring some of these sites.
  • We use many in our class teaching but the chance to explore further and deeper at home is obviously an advantage.
  • Suggest you start with Chrome Music Lab – it’s addictive!

EYFS to Year 6 Overview – Click here

Chrome Music Lab

  • Wonderful site to explore pitch and rhythm – suitable for all ages to be creative!

Classics For Kids

  • Great for learning ‘about’ music – composers / instruments as well as how to read music using interactive games.

BBC KS1 Music

  • BBC KS1 Music – songs / stories and games – designed for teachers but so much to share at home!

BBC KS2 Music

  • BBC KS2 Music – songs / stories / interviews – designed for teachers but…

Bring The Noise

  • BBC KS1 Music with SO Much to share at home!

Music Play Online

  • More for pupils to explore instruments, pitch, speed, dynamic, instruments.

Inside the orchestra

  • Wonderful resources to teach about the sounds of the orchestra, chances to compose and the Music Maps is a great way to learn ‘how’ to listen. More KS2 based.

Music Resource Guide

  • If you are a student who is looking to enrol in a music program or interested in a career as a musician, then this is the music resource guide for you.

Music at NEPS

  • North Ealing encourages all of its pupils to take advantage of the many provided opportunities to explore the music of all styles.

Musical Glossary

  • If you have a love or talent for music, nurture it by learning music terminology and theory.