Spanish Curriculum

North Ealing Primary School
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Spanish Curriculum

At North Ealing, our intention is to immerse children into language learning and to develop interest and curiosity through an introduction to the Spanish language from a very early age. We aim to provide all children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to learn a new language as well as an understanding of their own culture/s and those of others.

Through the teaching and learning of Spanish we celebrate ideas about individual identity and community; shape children’s ideas about language learning as well as giving them a new perspective on their own language and a better understanding of their own cultural capital.

All children have access to weekly Spanish sessions, where they learn Spanish through songs, activities, rhymes, role play and more. They have the opportunity, via fun, interactive and inclusive sessions, to become immersed in the Spanish language with a teacher who models basic Spanish, appropriate for different ages and abilities.

Many topics are revised or revisited each year with additional skill and challenge to ensure learning becomes sticky. The lesson structure each week also allows time to revisit the previous week’s knowledge and build upon this.

At NEPS we assess the impact of our Spanish curriculum through regular monitoring which mainly consists of us listening to the voice of our children.