NEPS Eco Team

Who are we?

We have an enthusiastic team composed of representatives from across KS2 (for now). These children put themselves forward because they are passionate about sustainability, our environment and reducing waste. The children are active, keen and determined to make a difference.

The team are beginning to take ownership, they came up with the snappier title ‘Eco Team’ to replace the original ‘Sustainability Ambassadors’; they are leading on initiatives and inspiring others to do their bit for our community and our planet.

We are currently looking at ideas and opportunities for the rest of the year.

We have already begun monitoring the use of electricity in our school, regularly reading the metre and recordings our findings.

Next week we will be interviewing our site managers and discussing how they can help with our quest to reduce NEPS’ carbon footprint.

Watch out for our reports and what we are up to next!

North Ealing Primary School Eco Team Action Plan