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Recruitment & Selection Policy

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According to Ofsted Inspection 2022:

Pupils are enthusiastic about their learning. They work hard and behave well. Pupils achieve well here. Leaders’ expectations for pupils’ learning are high. Leaders have identified clearly the knowledge they want pupils to learn across the full range of subjects taught.

Recruitment Statement

At North Ealing School, we intend to deliver the best possible teaching and learning experience to the pupils and parents. We wish to serve our local community and establish a safe, sustainable, challenging diverse and inclusive environment where everyone involved with the school can flourish.

We actively seek to recruit individuals who reflect the diversity of the world around us, recognising that a variety of voices and viewpoints enriches our learning environment and prepares our pupils for success in an increasingly interconnected global society. We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, disability, or any other type of diversity.

Together, we embrace the opportunity to learn from one another, to challenge assumptions, and to foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding. By nurturing a diverse and inclusive community, we believe that we can inspire excellence, promote equality, and prepare our pupils to thrive and become lifelong learners.

North Ealing Primary School provides a supportive environment for its staff, with a variety of career-development opportunities, and an inclusive, creative and challenging environment for its pupils.

We currently have no vacancies