North Ealing Primary School

Working and Learning Together

Nurturing Values

Focusing on wellbeing and relationships and sustainability


Listening carefully to others, learning together for the benefit of all

Purposeful Learning

Always working hard, trying your best and developing a growth mindset and metacognition​


Enjoying and appreciating the simple things. Behaving in a loving and caring way

Music at NEPS

Pupils to take full advantage of the opportunities to explore all types of music

The children say...

Our school is a calm, friendly and enjoyable place to be


For Parents & Carers

Welcome to North Ealing Primary School

North Ealing is a successful, inclusive and popular community school serving an area of Ealing known as Pitshanger Village. We work inclusively with our families in order to maximise the learning potential of all children in our community.

We aim to develop our children’s confidence and have high expectations in terms of achievement, progress and behaviour. Sport, music, drama, modern languages and a large number of extra-curricular activities enrich the opportunities for learning.

Our children say, ‘Our school is a calm, friendly and enjoyable place to be.’ Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to contact the school directly with any queries you may have.

Mrs Sally Flowers

At North Ealing Primary School we inspire and nurture all our children to become aspirational, lifelong learners through an inclusive, ambitious and engaging curriculum.

NEPS Mission & Community

At North Ealing School, we intend to deliver the best possible learning experience to the pupils and parents. We wish to serve our local community and establish a positive, safe, sustainable, challenging and inclusive environment where everyone involved with the school can flourish.

North Ealing is a ‘values-based’ learning community’ committed to the education of the whole child and a strong ethos reflecting the principles of the United Nations Children’s Rights Charter. In addition to our value-based approach underpinning all aspects of school life, we believe that our faith, gender and cultural diversity enriches all in our community. Read the Mission Statement in full.

2020.12.20 Tier 4

COVID-19 (Updated 21.01.21)

For further information on how your school is implementing measures of safety and procedure, please follow this link, where you will find the NEPS Risk Assessment Policy and newly added information, published on 21.01.21.