The School Orchestra Performance

The School Orchestra Performance

Members of our school orchestra were invited to participate in a community event with other local  primary schools, members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Notting Hill & Ealing High School Symphony Orchestra.

A busy day resulted in spectacular concert that celebrated the tireless work of Greta Thunberg  in the interests of Climate Change issues.

Our pupils contributed their creativity and determination to achieve of their best in a concert that demonstrated their ability to contribute to the issues that face our world. With no music in front of them, this was a tribute to their engagement and commitment  to our/ their  planet’s future!

Our heartfelt thanks to Jane Stonebridge who tirelessly works towards ensuring that our pupils can access such wonderful opportunities and maximise their learning potential!

North Ealing is committed to its mission statement that we enable ALL pupils to achieve of their very best! Our Music Mission statement ensures that ALL of our pupils can engage in musical activities and contribute towards the  musical life of the school and community.