Self-portrait in masks

Self-portrait in masks

This is a ‘Whole School Project’

Pupils across the school created self-portraits of themselves wearing a mask to express how they felt in this unprecedented time.

They were asked:

How did you feel behind the mask?

What do our eyes tell us about how we feel?

This is how we feel behind our masks

Hopeful, safe, funny

Secure, hidden, sad

Trapped, disappointed, hot!

Secretive, protected, happy

Frustrated, breathless, uncomfortable

Mysterious, anonymous, free!

Behind the mask there are forgotten friendships, smiling silent smiles.

Eleanor, Year 6

Behind my mask
Behind my mask, I’m happy
Behind my mask, I’m free
Behind my mask, I’m amazing
Behind my mask, I’m Me
Behind my mask, I feel like a child
Behind my mask, I have a beautiful smile!

David, Year 5