School Vision

Ethos and Values

North Ealing Primary Vision Statement

At North Ealing Primary we inspire and nurture all our children to become aspirational, lifelong learners through an inclusive, ambitious and engaging curriculum.

  • At North Ealing Primary School we work together to provide the best teaching and learning environment for pupils, families and staff through the following ethos and values:

Working Inclusively

  • Providing a welcoming, safe, happy school where everyone is respected and listened to
  • Encouraging everyone to do their very best, through the promotion of mutual respect and positive values
  • Building and developing upon individual strengths and talents

Learning Potential

  • Develop a love of learning inspired by quality teaching
  • Learning is creative and interesting
  • Regular praising of achievement and how to improve our learning
  • Coming together to support each other’s learning and make it fun


  • Striving to be the centre of our local community and an integral part of our society
  • Working together with our parents to encourage the learning and development of all our pupils
  • Preparing our pupils to become active citizens of the future, through a rich and broad curriculum

Whole School Code of Conduct

  • The school has an ethos in which the principles of our whole school code of conduct are respected.
  • Many of these principles will be addressed daily throughout school life in assemblies, by adults modelling and acknowledging good social behaviour and through positive relationships developed between members of our school community
  • We are kind and helpful (ways to assist each other should be sought e.g. opening doors, helping with heavy loads.)
  • We are gentle and respect physical safety
  • We use common words of courtesy such as: please, thank you, excuse me and sorry when appropriate
  • We look after our school environment and its property (reporting any loss or damage)
  • We listen and respect other people’s views (school members should speak calmly and politely to one another)
  • We are honest at all times