School Orchestra

North Ealing Primary School

North Ealing encourages all of its pupils to take advantages of the many provided opportunities to explore the music of all styles, to develop specific musical skills, to engage in a wide range of musical experiences and to participate in events that provide an outlet for their individual creativity.

North Ealing School traditionally enjoys a thriving musical life which includes provision for a ‘Main’ and a ‘Training’ orchestra as well as many smaller ensembles – these are showcased at various points in the year both in school and within the wider community.

Current restrictions mean that we are unable to provide our usual busy schedule but we are hopeful for a return to ‘normal service’ as soon as possible. We have taken this opportunity to streamline our provision and update our resources so that pupils can engage with music at home as well as at school.

Most recent events:
  • Members of the main orchestra performed at St.John’s, Smith’s Square with the Fulham Symphony Orchestra in the Summer of 2019.
  • All members of the main orchestra participated in a workshop with members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Notting Hill & Ealing High School Symphony Orchestra – October 2019.
  • December Concert 2019 – orchestra performed music by Mozart and accompanied the choir singing ‘Carol of the Bells’.
  • Last year, our repertoire included music from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the ‘Wallace and Gromit’ theme tune, marches by Handel and Beethoven and a selection from ‘Harry Potter’. All music is arranged ‘in house’.
  • String players in years 3 and 4 can currently meet on alternate weeks with our music leads. Backing tracks and music copies are to be found below.
  • Instrumental lessons have started again in violin, cello, flute, guitar, clarinet and piano. The school staff works with these teachers to prepare for eventual joint meets.
  • Pupils are encouraged to share their instrumental skills during class music lessons as ‘solo of the week’.

Our Year 3 and 4 string players were eager to develop their skills in readiness for joining our full school orchestra in 2021. Here you see some of our young violin/viola section from Year 4!

We are proud to be able to provide these musicians with the experience of playing in small groups during the current restrictions and await the opportunity to mix year groups and orchestral families with great anticipation.

Woodwind and brass are not able to meet in groups together at the moment but Lainey is sharing her skill with us all. At NES, we are able to offer tuition in flute, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar and piano. Details of instrumental teachers are below and you are invited to contact them. Waiting lists are quite high!

We are using the time to rehearse small groups of musicians in their ‘bubbles’. Each is part of a jigsaw puzzle that will, as soon as possible, be put back together!

Accompaniment for years 3/4

Tower Bridge - Ensemble

Flute Score - 1 & 2

Clarinet Score - 1 & 2

Tower Bridge - Scaled - 1 & 2

The GingerBread Man

Early Morning Walk

Rockin About Time

Menuetto and Trio - Yr 5/6

Gavotte and Gigue - Yr 5/6

School Orchestra: Information

Members of our school orchestra were invited to participate in a community event with other local primary schools, members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Notting Hill & Ealing High School Symphony Orchestra.

A busy day resulted in a spectacular concert that celebrated the tireless work of Greta Thunberg in the interests of Climate Change issues.

Our pupils contributed their creativity and determination to achieve their best in a concert that demonstrated their ability to contribute to the issues that face our world. With no music in front of them, this was a tribute to their engagement and commitment to our/ their planet’s future!

Our heartfelt thanks to Jane Stonebridge who tirelessly works towards ensuring that our pupils can access such wonderful opportunities and maximise their learning potential!

North Ealing is committed to its mission statement that we enable ALL pupils to achieve their very best! Our Music Mission statement ensures that ALL of our pupils can engage in musical activities and contribute towards the musical life of the school and community.

Our orchestra encourages pupils in Years 3-6 to explore together the many benefits of joint music making and is a living testimony to our learning values!

Music is arranged to suit players of all abilities and our instrumental music teachers encourage their pupils to join as soon as they have reached a basic level of musical understanding. Older pupils act as mentors to the younger as well as being stretched in their parts.

This year, we will be exploring music from films ‘Jurassic Park’, the classical period (Haydn Minuets), traditional songs ( ‘Drunken Sailor’) and popular songs as voted for by orchestra members!


The orchestra performs regularly throughout the year and aims to showcase during school assemblies, at seasonal events and at our Spring Concert as well as holding open rehearsals each term to which parents are invited.

Current plans include an opportunity to work across Ealing with members of the London Philharmonic at a one-day workshop.

In the summer of 2019, orchestra members performed in St. John’s, Smith’s Square, with the Fulham Symphony Orchestra.

We take advantage of ANY opportunity to develop musical experience.

  • to encourage a vibrant and active environment in which pupils can benefit from their hard work in learning an instrument and to promote confidence;
  • to offer opportunities for pupils to take part in music-making that, otherwise, they might miss out on;
  • to work collaboratively with our dedicated instrumental teachers (piano/ violin/ woodwind/ guitar) and encourage a positive attitude towards players of all abilities;
  • to provide members with a broad canvas of musical styles and ideas;
  • to show that music can be enjoyed at many levels and that ‘real’ music is alive and well in North Ealing Primary School!
  • The orchestra meets on Wednesday mornings from 8:15 – 8:45 in the Music Room.
  • Sectional rehearsals (strings/ wind/ percussion) are built into this schedule.
  • It is helpful for pupils to arrive FROM 8:05 (not before!).
  • It is expected that pupils assist in setting up and putting away chairs/stands etc.

Music Lessons: Teachers / Instruments / Availibility

Which days do you teach?
Lesson costs
£18 per 30-minute lessons
(10 lessons per term £180)
Contact details
Orpheus Papafilippou
07791 804 764
Details of any vacancies
We have some availability. Please enquire for violin lessons.
Introduction to violin video
Watch on YouTube

Which days do you teach?
Monday and Wednesday
Lesson costs
On enquiry
Contact details
Harry Diplock
Details of any vacancies
A waiting list of 9 children at the moment. Please email to be placed inline.

Which days do you teach?
Monday and Friday
Lesson costs
On enquiry
Contact details
Zillah Myers
07866 081 256
Details of any vacancies
No availability at the moment. Please email to be placed in line

Which days do you teach?
Lesson costs
£9 for group tuition
£18 for individual lessons
Contact details
Michal Wesolowski
07968 353 074
Details of any vacancies
Please enquire

Which days do you teach?
Monday and Tuesday
Lesson costs
£16.50 for an individual 30-minute lesson
Enquire for 20 minutes individual lesson
Contact details
Rebecca Imgrueth
07789 718 886
Details of any vacancies
No vacancies for Monday
Tuesday vacancies available