School Orchestra

North Ealing Primary School

North Ealing Primary School Orchestra

Our School’s Music Mission Statement:

  • As a Rights Respecting School, we fully uphold the rights of every child to an education (Article 28), the right of every child to develop their personalities, talents and abilities (Article 30) and the right to take part in cultural/creative activities (Article 31).
  • North Ealing encourages all of its pupils to take advantage of the many provided opportunities to explore the music of all styles, to develop specific musical skills, to engage in a wide variety of musical experiences and to participate in events that provide an outlet for their individual creativity.
  • Incorporating our school’s Learning Values and British Values (notably Mutual Respect and Tolerance), the musical life of North Ealing embraces music of all styles, traditions and cultures – as must be expected within an inclusive and culturally diverse community.
  • We develop and encourage exploration, curiosity and enthusiasm for making music by complementing topics in other curriculum areas, by engaging pupils in practical activities/ public performances and by providing the vocabulary/basic skills that will enable pupils to grow in confidence and provide a valuable outlet for their creativity.
  • Music is not a competition! Music can embrace/involve everybody and our mission is to show our pupils that we are ALL musicians.

NEPS has a long tradition of music-making and is one of the few primary schools in Ealing to have an ‘in-house’ orchestra!

Since lockdown – which prevented the meeting of instrumental groups – that tradition is now being taken as our inspiration and encouraging us to bring new life and opportunities to our pupils.

School Orchestra: Information

School Orchestra Performance

North Ealing is committed to its mission statement that we enable ALL pupils to achieve their very best! Our Music Mission statement ensures that ALL of our pupils can engage in musical activities and contribute towards the musical life of the school and community.

In the past, we have worked with the Fulham Symphony Orchestra, Notting Hill & Ealing High School and members of the London Philharmonic.

Our orchestra is ‘booked’ to play at numerous events this year including our annual St.Barnabas Concert and our Spring/Summer Concert.

We endeavour to provide ALL pupils with the experience of music being performed live and the school benefits from the enthusiasm of its pupils to ‘take to the stage’.


Our orchestra encourages pupils in Years 3-6 to explore together the many benefits of joint music making and is a living testimony to our learning values!

Music is arranged to suit players of all abilities and our instrumental music teachers encourage their pupils to join as soon as they have reached a basic level of musical understanding. Older pupils act as mentors to the younger ones as well as being stretched in their parts.

The Orchestra is led by Miss L.Page who has long experience as a violinist.

Please can all children wait outside the music room until let in by an adult.

Our Aims

  • to encourage a vibrant and active environment in which pupils can benefit from their hard work in learning an instrument and to promote confidence;
  • to offer opportunities for pupils to take part in music-making that, otherwise, they might miss out on;
  • to work collaboratively with our dedicated instrumental teachers (piano/ violin/ cello/ woodwind/ guitar) and encourage a positive attitude towards players of all abilities;
  • to provide members with a broad understanding of musical styles and ideas;
  • to show that music can be enjoyed at many levels and that ‘real’ music is alive and well in North Ealing Primary School!

Meeting Times and Etiquette

  • The orchestra meets on Wednesday mornings from 8:00 – 8:40 in the Music Room.
  • Please can all children wait outside the music room until let in by an adult.
  • Sectional rehearsals (strings/ wind/ percussion) are built into this schedule.
  • It is helpful for pupils to arrive FROM 8:00 (Please do not arrive earlier than 8.00 am).
  • It is expected that pupils assist in setting up and putting away chairs/stands etc.

    Music Lessons: Teachers / Instruments / Availibility

    Which days do you teach?

    Lesson costs

    £18.00 per 30-minute lessons
    (10 lessons per term £180.00)

    Contact details

    Orpheus Papafilippou
    07791 804 764

    Details of any vacancies

    We have some availability. Please enquire about violin lessons.

    Introduction to violin video

    Watch on YouTube

    Which days do you teach?
    Monday and Wednesday

    Lesson costs

    On enquiry

    Contact details

    Harry Diplock

    Details of any vacancies

    A waiting list of 9 children at the moment. Please email to be placed inline.

    Which days do you teach?
    Monday and Friday

    Lesson costs

    On enquiry

    Contact details

    Zillah Myers
    07866 081 256

    Details of any vacancies

    No availability at the moment. Please email to be placed in line

    Which days do you teach?

    Lesson costs
    £13.00 for group tuition
    £25.00 for individual lessons

    Lessons available

    Contact details
    Michal Wesolowski
    07968 353 074

    A variety of YouTube demo videos:

    A dedicated webpage where parents can obtain all necessary information and contact me directly to sign up:

    Which days do you teach?
    Monday and Tuesday

    Lesson costs

    £18.00 for an individual 30-minute lesson
    Enquire for 20 minutes individual lesson

    Contact details

    Rebecca Imgrueth
    07789 718 886

    Details of any vacancies

    Vacancies for Mondays and Tuesdays