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Wednesday 5th June
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Voices of Diversity: Multilingual Poetry Contest

Friday 14th June


Dear Parents and Carers

Following on from the successful poetry competition we ran in the Spring Term, we are pleased to announce that we will run a new competition in the Summer Term, called ‘Voices of Diversity: Multilingual Poetry Contest’. This exciting event offers children a wonderful opportunity to showcase their linguistic talents and cultural heritage by performing a poem in their own language.



• Choose a poem to learn and be ready to perform it in class by Friday 14th June
• Class teachers will choose 2 winners per class to be entered into a whole-school competition – performances will take place on Friday 28th June


We Encourage

All children to participate and make this event a memorable celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity. Please do provide an English translation for any non-English poems, as the content will form part of the judging process. Please reach out to me or class teachers via the school admin email if you have any questions or need further information.


Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to a vibrant and inspiring event!


Mr Rutherford