Online Safeguarding

Online Safeguarding

  • This is a matter of great importance for us all. At NEPS, we maintain a robust online-safety curriculum that is taught throughout the year. This is available on the NES Learning Zone and is updated every year.
  • The Learning Zone also contains links to resources and organisation that can provide information and support.
  • We are required to bring your attention to the Acceptable Use Agreements that are Key Stage appropriate and published on the school website under CURRICULUM – ONLINE SAFETY.
  • Going through these with your child/children is encouraged.
  • A sample copy is placed at the door of the class (PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE)!
  • Please SIGN the register to indicate that you have been made aware of the AU agreements.

Home / School and the Web!

  • Within school, your child/children are protected by our in-house security systems, web filters and strict guidelines regarding access.
  • If pupils are allowed access to social media at home, they may encounter anti-social materials!
  • If this happens, we will, of course support the pupil/s to the best of our ability but remind you that age restrictions are there for a reason.

For Your Information (FYI)

No primary school child SHOULD be able to access the following due to age restrictions although we have experienced issues with all of these:

  • Facebook (13+)
  • Instagram (13 – officially!)
  • TikTok (at least 13+ with parental consent)
  • Whatsapp (16+)
  • Snapchat (13+) Snapkidz does not allow messaging.
  • YouTube (13+ with parental consent)
  • Twitter (13+)
  • BUT! There are so many more out there. TALK and SHARE!