Not everything you see online is true

Everybody deserves to be treated kindly

Safe passwords make you secure

Share things thoughtfully

If unsure, ask someone you trust

Educate others by setting a good example

North Ealing School’s Safe Internet Environment

Every year, we choose a NESSIE mascot to remind us of the importance of keeping safe online. This was especially important this year!

As always, every class from Years 3-6 was given time to create their NESSIE poster and were reminded about the rules of ‘North Ealing School’s Safe Internet Environment’!

Usually, our School Council would choose the winner but THIS year we asked every class to vote for THEIR favourite.

In the end, we decided to have a winner from Lower KS2 and Upper KS2.

Pupils chose Elena’s picture because it was very colourful and had a clear message.
Pupils chose Keira’s picture because it was a very strong image with a brilliant slogan.

Always remember that you can check out the brilliant ‘Band Runner‘ Game to test out your safety level!



Online Safety Useful Links and Resources

The Children’s Charity

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Think You Know
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YouTube Kids
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Mobiles & Smartphones
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Setup Your Child’s Device
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Online Safer Internet
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Internet Matters
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UNICEF – Cyberbullying
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Online Gaming
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Common Sense Media
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