Key Stage 1: Acceptable Use Agreement

North Ealing Primary School

This agreement will help keep me safe and help me to be fair to others.

  • I am an online digital learner
    • I use the school’s internet and devices for schoolwork, homework and other activities to learn and have fun. I only use sites, games and apps that my trusted adults say Ican.
  • I am a secure online learner
    • I keep my passwords to myself and reset them if anyone finds them out.
  • I am careful online
    • I think before I click on links and only download when I know it is safe or has been agreed by trusted adults. I understand that some people might not be who they say they are, so I should be very careful when someone wants to be my friend.
  • I am private online
    • I only give out private information if a trusted adult says it’s okay. This might be my home address, phone number or other personal information that could be used to identify me or my family and friends.
  • I keep my body to myself online
    • I never change what I wear in front of a camera and remember that my body is mine and mine only, and I don’t send any photos without checking with a trusted adult.
  • I say no online if I need to
    • if I get asked something that makes me worried or upset or just confused, I say no, stop chatting and tell a trusted adult.
  • I am a rule-follower online
    • I know that some websites and social buy ambien fast networks have age restrictions and I respect this; I only visit sites, games and apps that my trusted adults have agreed to.
  • I am considerate online
    • I do not join in with bullying or sharing inappropriate material.
  • I am respectful online
    • I do not post, make or share unkind, hurtful or rude messages/comments and tell my trusted adults if I see these.
  • I am part of a community
    • I do not make fun of anyone or exclude them because they are different to me. If I see anyone doing this, I tell a trusted adult.
  • I am responsible online
    • I keep others safe by talking to my trusted adults if a friend or person I know is being bullied or harassed or is worried or upset by things they read, watch or hear.
  • I don’t do public live streams on my own
    • and only go on a video chat if my trusted adult knows I am doing it and who with.
  • I communicate and collaborate online
    • with people I know and have met in real life or that a trusted adult knows about.
  • I am SMART online
    • I understand that unless I have met people in real life, I can’t be sure who someone is online, so if I want to meet someone for the first time, I must always ask a trusted adult for advice.
  • I am a creative digital learner online
    • I don’t just spend time online to look at things from other people; I get creative to learn and make things! I only edit or delete my own digital work and only use other people’s with their permission or where it is copyright free or has a Creative Commons licence.
  • I am a researcher online
    • I use safer search tools approved by my trusted adults. I understand that not everything online can be believed, but I know how to check things and know to ‘double check’ information I find online.


  • School
    North Ealing Primary
  • AUP review Date
    June 2019
  • Date of next Review
    June 2020
  • Who reviewed this AUP?
    Nic Mehew