Key Stage 1: Acceptable Use Agreement

North Ealing Primary School

This is how I keep SAFE online: 

  1. I only use the devices I’m ALLOWED to
  2. I CHECK before I use new sites, games or apps
  3. I ASK for help if I’m stuck
  4. I THINK before I click
  5. I KNOW people online aren’t always who they say
  6. I don’t keep SECRETS just because someone asks me to
  7. I don’t change CLOTHES in front of a camera
  8. I am RESPONSIBLE so never share private information
  9. I am KIND and polite to everyone
  10. I TELL a trusted adult if I’m worried, scared or just not sure

I have been read the above. I  understand my requirements to adhere to the Key Stage 1 Accepectable Use Agreement.