Charging Policy (Lettings)

North Ealing Primary School

The following charges per hour will apply to community and private lettings:

  • School Hall and Classroom hires are also subject to a £15.00 caretaker’s fee per booking for community hire.
  • School Hall and Classroom hires are also subject to a £30.00 caretaker’s fee per booking for private hire.

Letting Policy

The Governing Body will not permit any letting to any individual or organisation whose stated aims and ethos run contrary to the school’s Mission Statement and the Local Education Authority’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Application Form

The return of a completed application form is taken as acceptance by the hirer to be bound by all the Governing Body’s conditions and regulations.

A photocopy of this form should be retained by the hirer for reference.

The person signing the application form, “the hirer”, must be 18 years old or over and will be responsible for complying with all conditions and regulations and with any instructions given by the Head Teacher.

The hiring does not entitle the hirer to use or enter the premises at any time other than the specified hours for which the premises is hired.

The person signing the application form is considered personally liable for the payment of the hire fee and any other charges, whether the hiring is made by an individual or on behalf of an organisation.

The hire must state the accommodation required and the precise nature of the function, the numbers attending seating plan, and the type of activity proposed.

The application form must be fully completed and returned at least three weeks before hiring, otherwise, any provisional booking will be cancelled and the date and time offered to another hirer.

Any preparation and clearing up time must be included within the hire period. The hirer will be invoiced for any additional amount if their activity overruns the hired period.

If the hirer changes address prior to the date of the function he/she must notify the Business Manager at the school in writing immediately.

The Governing Body may refuse an application for hiring without giving reasons. In such cases, any fees paid will be refunded in full.

The hirer is responsible for all his/her contractors. The hirer must ensure that admissions to and departure from the premises are within the times stated on the booking form and that the premises are left as they were found.

The school caretaker, acting as the Governing Body’s representative, is unable to authorise any extension to hours booked on the day of the function.

Hire Charges

Charges are reviewed regularly and new rates apply as and when required.

The hire fee is made up of hours booked for the accommodation required and a caretaker’s fee.

How to Pay

Acceptable payment methods are cash, cheque or bank transfer. Payments should be made to the School Business Manager or the Finance Officer. The School Business Manager or Finance Officer will issue a receipt. Cheques should be made payable to North Ealing Primary School.

The school does not accept any form of credit or debit card.


By the Hirer
Hirer’s wishing to cancel their bookings must do so in writing, as soon as possible and the effective date will be the receipt of such notification in the school office.

By the Governing Body or Authorised Officer
The Governing Body or its authorised officer may cancel any hiring without refund or hire fee for the following reasons:

The Governing Body is not satisfied that the hirer understands, and intends to abide by, all legal, and Governing Body, conditions and requirements before of during hiring (NB Failure to do so could lead to prosecution)

Any agreed conditions of hire are not followed before or during the hire period.

The Governing Body, or its authorised officer, believing any function is becoming disorderly, that children are inadequately supervised, or that damage is being caused to the premises, or its contents, during the period of hire, can terminate the hiring and ask everyone to leave the premises.

The hirer has no claim against the Governing Body as a result of cancellation of all or part of a hiring for any of the above reasons.

The Governing Body may at any time cancel a single hire in writing returning any monies paid. Any refund made will be for a single hire period, and not for a series of hires.

General Conditions for Users

The hirer must comply with all relevant laws and conditions of hiring and licensing of the premises.

The hirer is responsible for maintaining good order during the hire period.

The hirer shall not sublet his/her booking, nor use any part of the hired premises for the purpose other than stated on his/her application form.

The hirer shall ensure that all fire exits are kept clear at all times.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

Furniture that is already in the school may not be moved without the permission of the Governing Body’s representative. Where permission is given, all furniture must be left as it was found at the commencement of the hiring or an additional charge will be made.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that no nuisance is caused to local residents or other users of the accommodation, before, during or after the function and arising from it. In the event of any such nuisance occurring shall indemnify the Governing Body in respect of all claims.

Hirers may not affix signs and notices to the premises without the prior consent of the Governing Body or its representative.

The hirer will leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition. The Governing Body reserves the right to invoice the hirer for the additional costs arising as a result of failure to comply with this condition.

It is the Governing Body’s policy that performances involving live animals are not permitted on school premises. Neither are performances or meetings of a racist or sexual nature.

If maximum numbers allowed for the booking have entered the premises the Governing Body’s representative will refuse entry to any further guests or terminate the hiring.

When you overcrowd a space you are putting your guests at risk.

No substances that are hazardous to health may be brought onto the premises without the written consent of the Governing Body, who will require a COSHH Assessment at least four weeks prior to the booking and may seek guidance from the local council’s Health and Safety Section.

The hirer shall take good care of, and not allow or cause any damage to, the premises or its contents. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that no nails, screws, sticky tape or other fastenings or adhesives are used in the buildings or on furnishings and shall be responsible for the costs of any damage to the premises or furnishings during the hire period.

Cars and vehicles may be parked on the playground areas, outside of school hours. The Governing Body cannot accept any responsibility for vehicles parked on the premises. Please advise your guests that they park at their own risk.

The hirer must ensure that any electrical equipment brought onto the school premises must be in good condition and appropriately earthed.

Alcoholic Drinks

The hirer shall not sell or offer for sale any alcohol, unless he/she has a licence from the appropriate licensing authority. Such licence must be produced to the Governing Body at least three weeks prior to the date of the function and remain on display throughout the function. Alcoholic drinks may be served to guests, provided no charge is made for them.

Catering and Hygiene

Hirers requiring cooking facilities must make use of those provided on the premises and specify their requirements on their booking form.

Hirers or caterers employed by them must clear away all refuse and goods from the building at the end of the period of hire to the satisfaction of the Governing Body’s representative.

Where cooking facilities at the premises are used, they must be thoroughly cleaned and left in a state fit for use as they were found. Failure to do so will incur additional cleaning charges.

Where any food is to be sold the hirer is required to comply with all relevant Food Acts and Regulations in force at the time. Such activities are subject to inspection by the Local Authorities Chief Environmental Food Officer at any time.

Should the Governing Body’s representative have any reasonable concerns regarding food being sold inappropriately, then the sale of food may be stopped immediately and/or the hiring terminated.

Care of the Premises

No alteration to the heating, lighting or power supply is allowed.

Electrical equipment may be used provided it uses a standard 13 amp domestic supply.

Decorations, flags and emblems, which should be fire resistant, may be hung on hooks where these are provided. They must be removed at the end of the function. Nails, pins and adhesives must not be used on walls or furnishings.

Insurance and indemnity

The safety of guests and staff is taken very seriously, in particular the adequate supervision of children. There are a number of provisions within this agreement which require the hirer to maintain good order and to conduct function safely. Non-compliance by the hirer will result in a risk to lives. As a result, the function will be stopped by the Governing Body’s Representative without any responsibility for losses, liabilities or costs sustained by the hirer, be they financial or any other, arising out of the Governing Body exercising its power to terminate the function.

The hirer is responsible for all loss of, or damage to, the accommodation and property in the premises during, or arising out of, the hiring, or while persons are entering or leaving the hall pursuant to the hire, however, and by whomever this is caused. The permission to hire is given on the condition that the hirer agrees:

  • To keep the Governing Body indemnified from and against all actions, claims, demands, costs, losses and expenses, which may be brought or made against it, or incurred by it, however arising, directly or indirectly, out of, or in connection with the exercise of the permission.
  • Not to make any claim against the Governing Body in respect of any loss, damage or injury arising as aforesaid.
  • The Governing Body will not in any circumstances accept responsibility for loss or damage to any goods, property or vehicles which may be left in or brought into any part of the premises, or any injuries sustained by the hirer, his/her agents and his/her employees.
  • All hirers should arrange suitable third party/public liability insurance cover for their function.

Risk Assessment

The hirer is responsible for submitting its Risk Assessment before the hire commences and must adhere to Government Guidelines regarding Covid 19.

Right of Entry

The Governor’s authorised representative and officers of the local Council shall at all times be allowed free and unhindered access to all parts of the hired premises and shall at all times be allowed to inspect any part of the compliance with the Governing Body’s regulations and Conditions of Hire and any legal requirements.

The hirer shall ensure that all reasonable instructions from such person shall be fully complied with immediately.

Any persons so authorised by the Governing Body or local Council shall have the power to refuse entry or to have removed from the hired premises any person or persons whosoever he/she has reason to believe may behave in a manner prejudicial to the compliance with the conditions of hire.


Any complaint concerning the hire and arrangements must be made within 48 hours after the function in writing to:

The Head Teacher
North Ealing Primary School
Pitshanger Lane
London W5 1RP

The committee with oversight for this policy
Policy to be approved by the
Resources Committee
Policy last reviewed by the Resources Committee
Policy last ratified and adopted by Full Governing Body
Policy / Document due for review