Staying well at home

Staying well at home

Staying well at home

During this uncertain time, it’s important to prioritise all aspects of health, both mental and physical. Here are some simple tips to guide you through your child’s day whilst being indoors.

Your School Nursing Team is working hard to ensure that you and your family are aware of how to access support around your health; expanding their service to include a duty line 7 days a week to answer your questions. Please find details of the school nursing team in your borough at the bottom of this pack.

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest government advice through the NHS website regarding self-isolating and social distancing.

For more information regarding the staying well at home guide , download the PDF.

Key Workers & Vulnerable Children Updates

Key Workers & Vulnerable Children Updates

Key Workers & Vulnerable Children Updates

It was lovely to welcome some of the children back into school this morning. To ensure that the educational provision and school day can run smoothly we are writing with some reminders following the email sent out yesterday.

As always, the welfare of children and staff is at the forefront of the school’s work and our focus is upon keeping everyone safe once school re-opens. It is also very important to realise that  we are unable to guarantee the safety of your child or family from infection or transmission of covid-19. We will continue to follow the guidance and will be updating our school’s risk assessment accordingly.

Some reminders as sent out yesterday

  • The school day will start at 8:55 and end at 3:00pm.  Parents must keep to these times there were a number of children late today and we do not have the capacity to deal with lateness.
  • Please can you use the correct gates as stated below some children were not at the correct gate this morning and this caused stress and confusion for the children;
  • Nursery, Reception, Year 3 and 4 must use Summerfield Road entrance.
  • Years 1,2, 5 and 6 must use the Pitshanger Lane entrance.
  • If you have more than 1 child, please use the youngest child’s allocated entrance.  YOU MUST BE PROMPT AT BOTH DROP OFF AND PICK UP. We will not have the capacity for any lateness at the beginning or end of the day and will remove the place if needed.

Please can all parents/carers wear a mask on the school site unless you have a clearly stated exemption and keep 2m distance from all other adults.

Please use the same gate for collection at 3pm:

  • Nursery will be dismissed from the Nursery class
  • Reception, Year 3 and Year 4 will be waiting under the canopy in the playground. Please follow the one-way system to pick up your child and exit the site.
  • Year 1 will be dismissed from the Music Room
  • Year 2 will be dismissed from 2HM classroom
  • Year 5 and Year 6 will be dismissed from the main playground if they are not on the walk to school list with permission.

These school places are full time only parents cannot choose which days they want to send their children into school.

  • Children will be taught in year groups hubs. Your child may not be taught by their own teacher, or in their own classroom but will be taught by a member of staff from their year group. This is not childcare it is education.
  • At break and lunchtimes , children will remain in their year group hubs.
  • Lunch will be served as usual. Those entitled to a free school meal will receive one every day. We are working with Harrisons to provide a hot lunch. If your child usually has a pack lunch please bring as normal.
  • Every child must bring their own water bottle as the drinking fountains will not be used.
  • Children must attend school in their school uniforms/PE kits for PE days.  Windows and doors will be open throughout the day so please ensure your child has layers to wear beneath their uniform (where possible) and suitable outdoor clothing. 
  • Children need to bring their reading records and bags as per normal.
  • As before, if a child or staff member displays COVID related symptoms they will be required to stay off school for at least 10 days. If there is a confirmed case the rest of the hub will need to stay at home for 10 days in isolation. This may impact on staffing arrangements.
  • We are not able to offer wrap around care or clubs  at this time but we will keep this under review.

Whilst we have arranged educational provision for vulnerable and critical workers’ children, I would like to advise relevant parents and carers to consider contingency plans in the event that staff capacity, due to illness, makes it impossible to continue.

In such an event, we will liaise with the local authority to consider other options for families who may be affected.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you no longer need a school place. In line with Government and LA guidance, our aim is to help suppress the transmission of the new strain of coronavirus and we are asking families to only send their children if it’s an absolute necessity.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Online Learning Updates – 05.01.21

Online Learning Updates – 05.01.21

Online Learning Updates – 05.01.21

As you are aware, remote learning started for your child/ren today (Tuesday 5th January).

All lessons and activities will be delivered remotely using Google Classrooms. Please note engagement in remote home learning is now compulsory, as is the expectation that our school makes this provision available and accessible.  If your child is working from home, they must log into their online classroom daily to and take part in the following:

  • All children are expected to attend daily registration between 9:00 and 9:15 (exact timings will be placed in your child’s classroom)
  • All children are expected to complete a simple registration form during this time
  • All children are expected to attend the morning meeting with their class teacher (this will include a summary of expectations for the day). There were a number of children not online this morning and this is now compulsory
  • All children are expected to complete tasks set by their teachers every day, we will be following up daily if children are not engaged with their learning.

Please click on the following link and read through the documents provided.  This should give you all the information you need to ensure your child works successfully from home.

Remote Learning Parent Information – Online

Please be mindful of our guidelines and expectations for conduct in online learning:

  • Meet sessions to be recorded for safeguarding purposes
  • These sessions may be live video, recorded or audio-only. The teacher will not continue the session until she or he can see that all audio buttons have been disabled
  • Wherever possible, children must try to join the meeting from a common space in their house and make sure an adult is present (although this might be difficult if there are others also trying to work online). Parents must remember that this will be an opportunity for the class teacher to catch up with the children; concerns or queries, on other matters, continue to go through the usual channels via the school office
  • Behaviour expectations remain the same as in school: children must be polite, responsible and respectful to all participants in the group and ensure that language remains appropriate at all times as it would at school
  • Children are not to record and share any of the online sessions or anything that the teacher posts online
  • If a pupil becomes upset or misbehaves during a session, the teacher will inform the parents immediately
  • Children are to make sure they have dressed appropriately (not in pyjamas) and ready for learning, sitting in a comfortable position like at a desk or table.

Every child has their own school login details so they should be able to log in and access their online classroom. If your child is unable to do this for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible, via the school office, so we can get them online ASAP.

If you are having any other issues accessing online please contact ASAP via the school office.

Thank you for your ongoing support.   

Email to Parents – 31.12.20

Email to Parents – 31.12.20

Email to Parents – 31.12.20

The government announced yesterday that primary schools in Ealing will not open from 4 January. The earliest school will now open is 18 January.

We did not expect this announcement. Our initial plan is as follows and there will be more detail on Monday 4th January.

  • Children of key-workers and those who are vulnerable are welcome to attend school.
  • We will be sending a google form for families whose parents are Key Workers/critical workers/vulnerable to send back to the school ASAP requesting a place. These places are for those families whose parents cannot look after their children at home due to their Key Worker role or those who are vulnerable.
  • All other pupils will learn at home using Google Classroom. This will be compulsory from Tuesday 5th January and children will be asked to register online from 9 am each day until they are back in school.

Children of key-workers and those who are vulnerable are welcome to attend school:

  • They are likely to be taught in Year Group hubs by teacher(s) from their own year group between 9 am and 3 pm.
  • We will provide as many places as possible in terms of available staffing.
  • Pupils learning in school and pupils learning at home will broadly follow the same taught curriculum.
  • When we have established numbers we will be working with Sue to see how viable Breakfast club and After-school club is and the usual fees will apply.

All other pupils will learn at home using Google classroom. This will be compulsory from Tuesday 5th January for all children.

  • We are likely to use a blended learning approach. This includes small group video meetings with our class teachers, tasks set by our teachers and taught video lessons.
  • Pupils learning at home and those in school will broadly follow the same taught curriculum.
  • Some teachers from each age group will be working in school so that we can support children of key-workers and those who are vulnerable. All other teachers from each age group will support children learning at home. This might mean your child is working with a different teacher at home.

We will write again by Monday to confirm our plans. Booking for children of key-workers and those who are vulnerable will be via a google form that will be sent out today.

Please can all parents check emails over the next few days in order to be updated.