Acceptable Use Agreement: Staff, Volunteers, Governors & Contractors

North Ealing Primary School

What is an AUP?

We ask all children, young people and adults involved in the life of North Ealing Primary School to agree to an Acceptable Use* Policy (AUP), which outlines how we expect them to behave when they are online, and/or using school networks, connections, internet connectivity and devices, cloud platforms and social media (both when on school site and outside of school). This AUP is reviewed annually, and I will be asked to sign it upon entry to the school and every time changes are made.

Why do we need an AUP?

All staff, governors and volunteers have particular legal / professional obligations and it is imperative that all parties understand that online safety is part of safeguarding as well as part of the curriculum, and it is everybody’s responsibility to uphold the school’s approaches, strategy and policy as detailed in the full Online Safety Policy which can be viewed: here.

Where can I find out more?

All staff, governors and volunteers should read North Ealing Primary School’s full Online Safety Policy on the school’s website for more detail on our approach to online safety and links to other relevant policies (e.g. Safeguarding Policy, Behaviour Policy, etc). If you have any questions about this AUP or our approach to online safety, please speak to M.Belsito (Deputy Head/Safeguarding Lead) or N.Mehew (Online Safety lead)

What am I agreeing to?

    1. I have read and understood North Ealing Primary School’s full Online Safety Policy and agree to uphold the spirit and letter of the approaches outlined there, both for my behaviour as an adult and enforcing the rules for pupils/students. I will report any breaches or suspicions (by adults or children) in line with the policy without delay.
    2. I understand it is my duty to support a whole-school safeguarding approach and will report any behaviour which I believe may be inappropriate or concerning in any way to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (M.Belsito/N.Mehew)
    3. I understand the responsibilities listed for my role in the school’s Online Safety policy (staff please note that the ‘all staff’ section applies as well as any other category) and agree to abide by these.
    4. I understand that internet and device use in school, and use of school-owned devices, networks and cloud platforms out of school may be subject to filtering and monitoring. These should be used in the same manner as when in school.
    5. I understand that I am a role model and will promote positive online safety and model safe, responsible and positive behaviours in my own use of technology, including on social media: not sharing other’s images or details without permission and refraining from posting negative, threatening or violent comments about others, including the school staff, volunteers, governors, contractors, pupils or other parents/carers.
    6. I will not contact or attempt to contact any pupil or to access their contact details (including their usernames/handles on different platforms) in any way other than school-approved and school-monitored ways, which are detailed in the school’s Online Safety Policy: here. I will report any breach of this by others or attempts by pupils to do the same.
    7. Details on social media behaviour, the general capture of digital images/video and on my use of personal devices is stated in the full Online Safety policy. If I am not sure if I am allowed to do something in or related to school, I will not do it.
    8. I understand the importance of upholding my online reputation, that of the school and of the teaching profession), and I will do nothing to impair either. More guidance on this point can be found in this Online Reputation guidance for schools and in North Ealing Primary School social media policy/guidance.
    9. I understand that school systems and users are protected by security, monitoring and filtering services, so my use of school devices (regardless of time, location or internet connection) and networks/platforms/internet/other technologies, including encrypted content, may be monitored/captured/viewed by these systems and/or relevant/authorised staff members.
    10. I agree to adhere to all provisions of the school Data Protection Policy at all times, whether or not I am on site or using a school device, platform or network, and will ensure I do not access, attempt to access, store or share any data which I do not have express permission for. I will protect my passwords/logins and other access, never share credentials and immediately change passwords and notify M.Belsito or N.Mehew. I will not store school-related data on personal devices, storage or cloud platforms. USB keys, where allowed, will be encrypted, and I will only use safe and appropriately licensed software, respecting licensing, intellectual property and copyright rules at all times. All school data MUST be encrypted using the provided datakeys (DataSur) or shared via agreed ‘safe’ locations.
    11. I will use school devices and networks/internet/platforms/other technologies for school business and I will never use these to access material that is illegal or in any way inappropriate for an education setting. I will not attempt to bypass security or monitoring, will look after devices loaned to me, and will notify the school of “significant personal use” as defined by HM Revenue & Customs.
    12. I will not support or promote extremist organisations, messages or individuals, nor give them a voice or opportunity to visit the school. I will not browse, download or send material that is considered offensive or of an extremist nature by the school. Click to read North Ealing Primary School Safeguarding Policy: here.
    13. I understand and support the commitments made by pupils/students, parents and fellow staff, governors and volunteers in their Acceptable Use Policies and will report any infringements in line with school procedures.
    14. I will follow the guidance in the Online Safety Policy for reporting incidents but also any concerns I might think are important – I understand the principle of ‘safeguarding as a jigsaw’ where my concern might complete the picture, but only if I tell somebody. I have read the sections on handing incidents and concerns about a child in general, sexting, bullying, sexual violence and harassment, misuse of technology and social media.
    15. I understand that breach of this AUP and/or of the school’s full Online Safety Policy here may lead to appropriate staff disciplinary action or termination of my relationship with the school and where appropriate, referral to the relevant authorities.