Performance Data

North Ealing Primary School

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KS1 Performance Data 2017/18

At North Ealing Primary School we believe pupils should make good progress in learning every lesson, every day, every week, every term and every year. We know that when pupils make steady and even progress they are more likely to continue making good progress at secondary school and beyond.

2016/17 Key Stage 1 Assessment (Year 2)

% of KS1 children achieving the expected standard or above.

% of KS1 children achieving above expected standard.

2016/17 Key Stage 2 SATs (Year 6)

Progress Measures

Average scaled scores by subject.  The scaled scores range from 80 to 120 with 100 as the expected standard.

% of KS2 children achieving the expected standard

% of KS2 children achieving above the expected standard