Online Safety at NES

North Ealing Primary School

Online Safety Education at North Ealing Primary School

The teaching of online safety in schools is an issue with which parents/carers need to become more actively involved.

Within the school, we must deal with issues arising from social media age restriction abuses (bullying, inappropriate texts/images). Sadly, this is a developing trend that extends into secondary education.

The school learning values of RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE are key elements of our curriculum and community focus which both impact on mental health and wellbeing.

What happens outside of school, sadly, does not always stay outside of school and we are committed to educating our pupils into the productive/positive aspects of social media as well as the negative!

Our Aims:

  • We take ALL aspects of Safeguarding seriously at NES – whether online or in-school!
  • We have robust measures in place to ensure that pupils cannot access material/content that is inappropriate through the use of the LGfL filtering service whilst in school.
  • We use on-screen buttons to close down screens IF unsure (prior to teacher intervention).
  • Pupils are NOT allowed to use personal devices on the school site and we discourage use by parents/carers in the interests of promoting good role models and family focus (except in the case of emergencies).
  • Any personal devices of pupils are handed in to the school office at the start of the day – clearly named – and collected at 3:15. Pupils do NOT open devices whilst on the school site.
  • Pupils are shown what they are signing up for in user-friendly terms ie free access to their contacts/images as age appropriate etc.
  • Pupils are informed about the free use of age-restricted apps:

Age restrictions vary across social media platforms; usually users should be no younger than 16 years old (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.).

Almost no services use robust age-verification processes. It is very easy to sign-up with a false date of birth. That said, they are pretty quick to delete the accounts of users when they discover they are underage.

The Online Safety Curriculum works across the whole school to provide age appropriate guidance, discussion and advice.

The Online Safety Curriculum is taught throughout the year witch specific focal points eg NESSIE (North Ealing School’s Safer Internet Environment) competition/assemblies in September and Safer Internet Day involvement (S.I.D.) in February.

For a full understanding of the Online Safety Curriculum taught at North Ealing Primary School – click the button below:

Acceptable Use (AU) Agreements

North Ealing Primary School

Acceptable Use Agreements at North Ealing Primary School

All members of our school community are required to follow our Acceptable Use guidelines – which are updated regularly in order to keep pace with change. These guidelines are in place to safeguard the wellbeing of pupils, parents and staff and to promote a positive, productive and protected relationship with technology.

The school has in place a comprehensive online-safety curriculum covering the internet generally, gaming and social media as well as a vibrant, regularly-updated information bank that gives insights into many of the most popular games/apps that our pupils engage with on NES Learning Zone.

We also hold several Safeguarding meetings each year to address concerns and have our own, in-house, NESSIE strategy (North Ealing’ School’s Safer Internet Environment). Please take the time to read through and discuss with your child/children as this is the best way to keep in touch with what can otherwise be a confusing ‘other life’.

We firmly believe that the virtual world is every bit as real and, potentially, dangerous as leaving a child alone in a busy street full of strangers. Talking and sharing is the best possible protection that you can offer.

For full AU Agreements please read the Online Safety Policy: