Marking Policy

North Ealing Primary School

Feedback and Marking 2019-20

‘The most powerful single moderator that enhances achievement is feedback’. John Hattie


As a school, we see the greatest impact when we agree, adopt and maintain a manageable, consistent approach which is age and ability appropriate. At NES , we believe that pupils’ self-esteem and resilience will develop through positive yet challenging feedback. As a result, this will accelerate progress. For this reason, all marking and feedback is underpinned by this guidance which all pupils and staff follow on a day to day basis.

Quality feedback includes:

  • Teacher feedback
  • Self-Assessment
  • Peer Assessment
  • Verbal feedback

The following principles apply:-

  1. Every piece of work is acknowledged through one form of feedback.
  2. For core subjects (English, Maths and Science), at least one piece of work per week which is marked in detail (deep mark).
  3. For foundation subjects, at least one piece of work in three, are marked in detail
  4. Pink ink is used for what’s order ambien good (‘tickled pink’)and green ink is used to correct and develop pupil’s learning (‘green for growth’)
  5. Detailed marking includes use of success criteria and, if necessary, pink and green comments. These should include highlighting achievements/progress in pupil’s work and what they need to do to improve it.
  6. Relevant references to NES Learning Values are made.
  7. Where it is required, teachers should comment on the presentation of work to ensure that pupils understand the importance of this and high expectations.
  8. If spellings need to be corrected, the correct spelling is written as well as a line under the problem word. Pupils in KS2 will be expected to go back and write the correct spelling out three times.
  9. Codes should be used wherever possible (see table below).
  10. Any work completed with adult support has ‘AS’ recorded next to the learning objective.
  11. If a pupil’s work is being marked by a supply teacher or a cover supervisor, ‘Supply’ or ‘CS’ is noted at the end of the piece of work.

To understand the marking policy, please click on the button below to view the PDF.