Christmas Cards 2020

Dear Parents and C​arers,

It’s that time of year again! Christmas cards will run a little differently this year, due to our current circumstances. 

This is what will happen: 
1) Year group leaders will decide whether children will design their Christmas cards at home or at school. 
2) Once the design is complete the children will take their design with a personalised label (stuck on the back) home
3) In order for you to purchase your child’s card design online, please go to  and follow the instructions from there. You will need the key information on the label stuck on the back of your child’s card.
4) You have until the 18th of November to complete your online order.
5) Should you want to order your child’s card, Your child MUST bring their designs back into school and these will be sent by me to the company directly.  This will take place on the 23rd of November, with no other exceptions.  
6) The company ‘Art Projects for Schools’ will scan in their Christmas card designs, create the order that has been placed and purchased online by you, and finally send these directly to your home addresses. 

Important attachment:
If you are making your Christmas card at home,  please see Christmas Card Guidelines attachment in order for your card to be successfully created by Arts Projects for Schools. 

Important Deadlines: 
18th November: Parents to have ordered online by this date
23rd November: All designs to be given to Mrs Allard to be sent to APFS

If you have any questions, please email the school office.

Thank you!
North Ealing Primary School